USA: Travelling by bus

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Bus travel in the US gets a bad rep. Often for good reason. Yes, it’s super cheap (especially if you’re organised and plan your trip so far in advance you can get $1 fares) and the buses now have power outlets and wifi, but there are a fair few disadvantages to it too. In the couple of weeks I’ve been out here, I’ve ridden seven buses and have had the following experiences:

– A megabus with a broken thermostat. I can cope with the heat. The other 81 people on the bus couldn’t. Add in horrendous traffic and you have hours, HOURS of complaining. I think we quickly established the driver could do nothing, but the whining still continued. Your complaining is like vomiting. It may make you feel better, but everyone else hates you.

– A megabus that was supposed to depart at 6.00am according to my ticket and…

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