Looking for someone travelling to Vietnam soon


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Hi! I hope this is the right subreddit to post something like this.

I’m looking for someone, preferably European or from the US who is going to go to Vietnam soon.

I went to Vietnam with my SO a few years back and when going through Hội An, we went to a boutique and I got a sleeping mask with a cute illustration on it for her. She forgot it on a plane ride recently and despite all our efforts to try and get it back it was lost and probably thrown away.

It had a lot of sentimental value to her so she was pretty bummed. I managed to find the store and the brand of the mask with a little luck but it looks like they are only in Vietnam. Their online store is listing the mask I’m talking about and it’s fairly cheap (about 5€) but the…

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Switzerland Travel Help


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We are traveling, this summer, to Switzerland. Schedule below. Need help planning transportation and best options for purchasing tickets. Would a pass be recommended for this trip?


Stay One (1 Night): Fly into Geneva, spend night in Montreux

Stay Two (3 Nights): Staying in Wengen/Bernese Ob. (we would love to go to Gruyeres before heading to Wengen). We plan to do a lot of hiking throughout the region.

Stay Three (2 Nights): Lucerne


After that we are planning on training from Lucerne to Salzburg, where we have a rental car.

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