When they say carry a smile, you need it!


Having New Year’s resolutions is different from fulfilling them. Let me take you on a journey of the greatest resolution for 2020. Investing in adrenaline experiences, travel more, meet new people and do more challenges was one of the resolutions I made.

So yeah, Mountain slayers Uganda a group of people who love to slay all mountains, forests, islands, rocks and whatever as long as it has walking and climbed in it. I came across a poster with Semiliki Slay and oh my excitement kicked me, called my partner-in-hiking we paid up and got ready for the hike.


I hiked the Tororo rock as my first hike and it was so glorious so again I thought to myself Elgon is next, I slew Mount Elgon 4000m above sea level, it was hard huh but I came down healthy happy and an accomplished human.

So yeah your guess is right as…

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