USA: Travelling by bus

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Bus travel in the US gets a bad rep. Often for good reason. Yes, it’s super cheap (especially if you’re organised and plan your trip so far in advance you can get $1 fares) and the buses now have power outlets and wifi, but there are a fair few disadvantages to it too. In the couple of weeks I’ve been out here, I’ve ridden seven buses and have had the following experiences:

– A megabus with a broken thermostat. I can cope with the heat. The other 81 people on the bus couldn’t. Add in horrendous traffic and you have hours, HOURS of complaining. I think we quickly established the driver could do nothing, but the whining still continued. Your complaining is like vomiting. It may make you feel better, but everyone else hates you.

– A megabus that was supposed to depart at 6.00am according to my ticket and…

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The Difference Between Travel and Vacation

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No one knows a location better than a local. Instead of spending all of your time in a tourist-heavy area, allocate time to spend where the locals hang out. Nine times out of ten you will discover something about the place that few people who don’t live there get to see.

Curious Artifact

So many people use vacation and travel interchangeably, and that is perfectly okay! However, if you wanted to get nitpicky, there is a difference, and it can mean the difference between relaxing in a new place to having the experience of a lifetime.

If you want to lounge on the beach, eat curated meals in a fancy restaurant, stay at a highly popular hotel or all of the above, it will undoubtedly be an incredible vacation. BUT if you truly want to see the world, experience how others live, and immerse yourself in a new culture you might have to forego those and throw them out the window for something completely different, but even more incredible.

You might be thinking, “but…Emma? I don’t know how to travel. I’ve only ever vacationed. What do I do?” Good news. I’m here to help.

Go Off the Beaten Track

Believe it or not…

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So, What’s Airbnb?

Let's Go Sightseeing!

Every now & then, a new phenomenon catches the world’s attention. If it is a fad,it dies down naturally. Else, it goes on to create history. Airbnb, to us,falls in the second category. We had been reading & hearing about Airbnb but our inhibitions were preventing us from trying it out. Will a stranger’s house be clean & hygienic? Will it be safe? But then came a time when we were unable to get a hotel for our travel. After exhausting all the hotel options on TripAdvisor (our love for TA needs to be another blog post), we perforce switched to Airbnb. We chanced upon a two-bedroom cottage in our destination.Looked pretty & reasonably-priced too. The questions still nagged our minds but we went ahead & booked. & that was a life-changing decision for us…

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At the shepherd’s hut, we sat with our host’s family to have homemade food!


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